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Aquesta és una ullada al que estem treballant i al que hem planificat treballar.

En curs

Rename DMs to private mentions
Additional search syntax
Batch fetch APIs
Home Screen Widgets
Add role badges to profiles
Tokenize URLs, usernames and emojis before translation
Markdown formatting for posts
Optimize batch file deletion
Webhook templating
Add option to exclude list members from home feed
Add progress report to imports
Add explicit flag to differentiate suspended accounts from deleted accounts
Add search prompts
Upgrade to Rails 7
Change lists to be able to include accounts with pending follow requests
Pinned posts on profiles


Add delay to account deletions and allow cancelling them
Add artificial delay to streaming API to account for replication lag
Play remote videos directly from origin without caching
Notify users when relationships are severed due to domain block
Explicit controls to fetch more data from origin server
Pinned posts on profiles
Follow and unfollow in post dropdowns
Default and configurable terms of service
Rework link previews fetching and distribution
Replace Webpack with Vite in build pipeline
Confirmation screen with impact summary when suspending domain
Custom app icons
Tapping push notification does not open the right screen
Invite code support in sign-up API
Add "Show results" button to polls
Add ability to import lists
Language selection when composing new post
Checkbox for forwarding reports
Choose focal point on images
Hint about potentially missing remote content
Translating posts
Follow hashtags
Hint about potentially missing remote content
Choose focal point on images
Checkbox for forwarding reports
Language selection when composing new post
Block domain option in dropdowns
Audio player
Limit max height of media in status and center to focal point
Save alt text expanded state when transitioning from inline to lightbox
App rating prompt offered after posting failure
Password input not recognized for iCloud Keychain
Migrate lists on account migrations
Advanced settings area
Thread depth indicators
Thread depth indicators
Server informationAdvanced settings area
Preference to not allow posting without image descriptionAdvanced settings area
Preference to not show numbers on postsAdvanced settings area
Preference to automatically expand content warningsAdvanced settings area
Filter managementAdvanced settings area
Advanced settings area
Use markers API to sync timeline position
Pull to refresh on threads
Clear in-app browser cookies on sign-out


Rework interaction modal
Thread pagination
Add imprint setting
Login with Passkeys
Server-side rendering
Allow connecting custom domain to account
Quote posts
Home feed digest
Localized hashtag trends
On-hover information cards for users
Allow searching for hashtags in admin UI
Add practical ways to filter notifications
Restrict who can reply to a post
Compose threads in one go
Add auto-removal for failing WebPush endpoints
Timeline of public posts talking about a trending link
Featured profiles on profiles
Change light and dark themes to switch based on browser preferences
Hashtag annotations
End-to-end encrypted messages
App clip for sign-up from QR code
Empty state for lists
Paid sign-ups, pay per use storage
Respect `twitter:card` to display link previews differently
Configurable favicon and app logo

Completat recentment

Increase media upload limits
Post editing
Use markers API to sync timeline position
View image descriptions on media
Update onboarding flow
Add status page setting
Report open connections in streaming API
Remove avatar from OpenGraph tags
Rename "Everything" in OAuth permissions
Add ability to edit media metadata when editing posts
Add confirmation screen to report handling flow
Add option for Explore not to be the landing page
Explore tab does not paginate
Implement iOS Action Extension
Sharing link to reblog uses wrong permalink
Update onboarding flow
Support landscape orientation for full-screen video
Copyable username on profiles
Wrong percentages on multiple choice polls
Short number format on post numbers
View image descriptions on media
Fix display of audio attachments
Fix paragraph margins
Add follow request banner on account header
Compose screen loses state when switching between apps
Add `--email` option to `tootctl accounts delete`
Link preview cards
Make it possible to refresh a remotely suspended account in admin UI
Translating posts
Update login flow
Follow hashtags