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Verification on Mastodon

Verifying your identity on Mastodon is for everyone. Based on open web standards, now and forever free.


You do not need to submit your documents anywhere, so there is no chance of them being leaked.

For everyone

You do not have to be a celebrity to verify your identity. You just need to have a website or web page.


There is no need to trust a central authority. The verification can be manually confirmed anytime.

There is no blue badge

Identity is not a yes or no question. There are few truly unique names in the world, so why should only the famous ones get a "yes"? At Mastodon, we don't rely on legal names and blue badges. Instead, we rely on the fact that people can be identified by their official websites.

Així és com

Afegeix un enllaç al teu perfil a Mastodon en la teva web o pàgina. La part important és que l'enllaç ha de tenir un atribut rel="me" en ell. Després edita el teu perfil a Mastodon i escriu l'adreça de la teva web o pàgina en un dels quatre camps del perfil. Desa el teu perfil, Save your profile, això és tot!