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Mastodon for the individual

Without an incentive to sell you things, Mastodon allows you to consume content you enjoy uninterrupted. Your feed is chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic—you decide who you want to see!

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Mastodon for the organization

Host your own social media platform on your own infrastructure. Don't let your business or non-profit depend on a company that could change the rules of the game—write your own rules!

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Find your perfect community

Mastodon isn’t one place and one set of rules: it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities to choose from, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs. Don’t like the rules? You’re free to join any community you like, or better yet: you can host your own, on your own terms!

Take control of your content

With powerful tools to control who sees your posts and a 500-character limit, Mastodon empowers you to share your ideas, unabridged. The best part? All posts are in chronological order, not “optimized” to push ads into your timeline. With apps for iOS, Android, and every other platform imaginable, Mastodon is always at your fingertips.

Putting the user first

You’re a person, not a product. Mastodon is a free, open-source development that has been crowdfunded, not financed. All instances are independently owned, operated, and moderated. There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking. Mastodon works for you, and not the other way around.

Feel safe in your community

Mastodon comes with effective anti-abuse tools to help protect yourself from online abuse. With small, interconnected communities, it means that there are more moderators you can approach to help with a situation. This also means you can choose who sees your posts: friends, your community, or the entire fediverse.

Additional features

  • Robust anti-abuse tools
  • Granular post privacy
  • Over a million people
  • Easily deploy your own
  • They’re called toots
  • Embed media in your posts
  • Built on open web standards
  • Spoiler warnings
  • You decide what’s relevant
  • Custom emoji :polarbears:
  • Focal points
  • Delete & redraft

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This is like picking an e-mail hosting provider, but more social since you'll see your neighbours. The domain will also be part of your username!

Install your own

If you are interested in running your own instance — for your friends, family or organization — you can get started by reading the installation documentation. You only host your own users and the content that they subscribe to, which means it's quite scalable and resource-efficient.

Read the docsFully-managed Mastodon hosting

Each server is independent

Mastodon is free, open-source software that anyone can install on a server. Independent operation, independent rules.

The network is interoperable

Using a suit of standard protocols, Mastodon servers can exchange information with each other, allowing users to interact seamlessly.

Mastodon is future-proof

Thanks to standard protocols, the network is not limited to Mastodon servers. If better software comes along, it can continue with the same social graph.

Mastodon is robust

The network is resistant to financial, technical and organizational issues, as well as government interference, due to its diversified nature.


Mastodon is free, open-source software. There is no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital. Your donations directly support full-time development of the project.

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