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Mastodon isn’t a single website like Twitter or Facebook, it's a network of thousands of servers operated by different organizations and individuals that provide a seamless social media experience.

Safer social media experience

Mastodon comes with effective anti-abuse tools to help protect yourself. Thanks to the network's spread out and independent nature there are more moderators who you can approach for personal help, and servers with strict codes of conduct.

Sharing your thoughts has never been more convenient

You have 500 characters. You can adjust the thumbnails of your pictures with focal points. You can use custom emojis, hide things behind spoiler warnings and choose who sees a given post. Messed it up? You can delete & redraft for quick corrections.

Mastodon for the individual

Without an incentive to sell you things, Mastodon allows you to consume content you enjoy uninterrupted. Your feed is chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic—you decide who you want to see!

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Mastodon for the organization

Host your own social media platform on your own infrastructure. Don't let your business or non-profit depend on a company that could change the rules of the game—write your own rules!

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People 💖 Mastodon

Here is what our users say about their experiences with the platform:

I'm personally addicted to Mastodon, for me it's like if Facebook or Twitter had a friendly version— where I can discuss things with people around the world about every single thing they love.

If there's a subreddit for everything, of course there's also a Mastodon community for everything: I've got one profile for sharing art, another one for casual conversation and another one for politics.

Mastodon has changed my opinion of social media, it's a refreshing take on microblogging with a focus on privacy and safety.

I've been on federated platforms since 2008. Mastodon is the best iteration of federated platforms with a user interface that is pleasant to use and a community of folks that I consider friends.


Mastodon does an amazing job at giving communities the autonomy necessary to thrive by giving them the keys to federate and moderate their own servers. But don't let that alone overshadow the fact that it simply does features that the major social networks try to do (e.g. image captioning, content warnings) astoundingly better.


Mastodon is a privacy-friendly way to communicate with people which are interested in my work and the work of my authority. gives us the opportunity to incubate Mastodon accounts even for other federal authorities.


Mastodon allowed us to create a non-profit, abuse-free social network based on open web standards and principles, all the while allowing our moderators and members to reinvigorate the early web values of community, camaraderie and respect using modern, accessible technologies.

I've made so many friends on Mastodon because I can actually talk to people instead of getting buried by algorithms that reward meaningless numbers over actual interaction.

infinite love ⴳ

Mastodon is a well-moderated fully-functional microblogging service with some great features!


It's social media with moderation that actually works.


I could have joined an existing community, but I decided to self-host Mastodon.

My posts to the world are replicated from my own servers and can be traced back to their originals. Since I own it, the platform will not be terminated or removed at the platform's discretion, and I can provide a long and stable service. I finally have this. Yay!


It's good software

Great community, friendly atmosphere, and free software! What else would you possibly need?

I wanted to have a federated social network since 2013 that looked and felt great and where I can connect to like-minded people. Mastodon just gave me the last puzzle piece and I absolutely love it! Probably spend more than five hours a day on my own little space with a friendly community that truly cares.

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Mastodon is free, open-source software. There is no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital. Your donations directly support full-time development of the project.

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