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Brand Toolkit

Learn our branding guidelines, download our logos and icons, or use our brand colors for your projects.


We take pride in the Mastodon logo and hope you do too. Please take a moment to think about how you apply it. If you want to use our art, please keep it tasteful!

Use the main logo (black or white version) on a background that creates enough contrast to retain logo quality

Use a black or white version of the logo when contrast can not be maintained with the main logo — for example above, using the main brand color for a background

Mark only

Use these only when the Mastodon brand has been clearly established in the design.

Use the small version of the logo when the brand has already been established and / or space is limited to allow appropriate clear space around the main Mastodon logo

Use the one color black or white version of the logo in applications of print or letterhead when only one print color is available

Clear space

When using our logo, please ensure that you give it room to breathe! At least 36px on all sides please.

Our colors

Pantone 2715 C • CMYK 56, 46, 0, 0
Pantone 2725 C • CMYK 76, 70, 0, 0
Pantone 2765 C • CMYK 100, 98, 0, 45
Pantone 2685 C • CMYK 92, 100, 0, 10
Pantone 7452 C • CMYK 55, 33, 0, 0

Product screenshots

Need some screenshots? We've got you covered.